Sunday, 1 August 2010

Villa Sejati

Jl. Veteran, Br. Gunung Buduk, 
Tiying Tutul, Canggu*

*The area "Canggu"  is pronounced "Chun-Goo"

GPS REF: -8° 37' 5.12", +115° 8' 59.89"

"Canggu Club" to Villa Sejati


This map is to give the taxi driver a known landmark: (A) being Villa Sejati and (B) "The Canggu Club". Show him this map and click to enlarge the detailed map below.

As you drive along Jalan Raya Canggu, you will eventually come across these signs on the left-hand side of the road that is the FIRST turnoff to Perenenean Beach [Not to be mistaken with the MAIN turnoff about a kilometer further along the road. Keep a close eye out for this. Instead of going left, turn right [where you see the motorcyclist heading.] 

Having turned right off Jalan Raya Canggu, drive 500 meters until you come to this fork in the road. Keep following the motorcyclist, veering left then immediately to the right on the main road.

Continue along this bumpy road for 3 kilometers until you see the HUGE villa on the right-hand side of the road. It is the only villa that is actually set right up against the roadway. Immediately before this villa, you will  see the Villa Sejati driveway, and the house 20 meters on the right. If you pass the villa, you have gone too far. Our driveway runs down the side of that villa. 

 Jl. Veteran, Br. Gunung Buduk, Tiying Tutul, Canggu

*If you get lost with all this information in hand, check to see you're actually in Bali